Breaking down barriers between blockchain and traditional marketplaces

Sell NFTs on WAX using Shopify. Yep… it’s that simple.

Introducing Waxify Bringing the blockchain to Shopify

Waxify is the first Shopify app that provides artists, brands, and other online retailers a simple way to bundle digital collectibles minted on the Wax blockchain and physical items from one storefront in the same transaction.

Waxify allows merchants to transact in FIAT (good old-fashioned currency) and dynamically mint and deliver the digital asset(s) to the customer.

No gas fees, no smart contracts to approve – just as easy as buying a t-shirt.

Waxify’s redemption flow allows for any and every item in a Shopify store to support digital assets removing the need to sell only on marketplaces and other 3rd party platforms.

Current Features Giving you all of the tools for success

Easily bundle digital collectibles with physical items

Sell packs, single editions, redeemable NFTs, one-of-ones and so much more

Create recurring memberships with digital-only or digital + physical items

Offer exclusives and specials to loyal customers and special collectible holders

Combine real world offers for membership holders

Easily send physical orders to 3rd party or in-house fulfillment

Track the primary market sales in reports and analytics

Integrates with PayPal and Pinwheel* as payment processors (Shopify payments are currently prohibited)

Customer service made easy

Waxify in Action Latest drops using Waxify

Curious to know more about our recent digital collectible releases? Read on ahead to learn more.


Waxify has powered not just one, but two NFT pack collections with legendary Japanese heavy metal act BABYMETAL. The first pack featured ten cards, each of which represented an episode of their record Metal Resistance. Only 1,000 complete sets were issued and sold out in just 4 seconds.

For their second drop 10 BABYMETAL BUDOKAN, dedicated to commemorating their famous Nippon Budokan performances, packs each consisted of digital trading cards split over multiple rarity levels, including a MechaPack that featured an exclusive physical gold vinyl. Waxify easily allowed BABYMETAL to bundle their digital collectibles minted on the Wax blockchain with the physical vinyl from one storefront in the same transaction.


Metal icon Dave Mustaine of Megadeth has long been a force to be reckoned with and his very first NFT drop powered by Waxify was no different. All Access packs included a complete set of 30 cards, plus a challenge card which could be redeemed for a commemorative coin or held on to for future challenges.

Leaf Trading Cards

Leaf Trading Cards has been dedicated to delivering an exceptional collecting experience since 2010. Their new 2021 Pro Set Power Football NFT collection offers NFT enthusiasts and fans of Leaf Trading Cards a new stage to own and trade collectibles featuring some of the best known football players in the WAX marketplace.

Packs were sold directly through the all new Leaf Digital Trading Cards online store, developed by Masscult. Powered by Waxify, all sales are available for purchase in USD via credit card or PayPal.

Product Roadmap Upcoming features & releases

Quarter 1
Private Beta – Enterprise Installs
  • •   Gated and Subscription content (Shopify)
Quarter 2
Self-Serve Minting tool
  • •   Dynamic Redemptions / Burns and Blends
  • •   Self-Serve Minting tool
Quarter 3
V2 Release
  • •   Dynamic Account Creation
  • •   Ram/CPU/NET Staking
  • •   Embedded gifting / engagement tools